Advertising multifunction scarf with private labels

multifunction scarf / bandana with custom logo imprint
  • Multifunkčná šatka s vlastnou potlačou 3
  • Multifunkčná šatka s vlastnou potlačou 4
  • Multifunkčná šatka s vlastnou potlačou 5
  • Multifunkčná šatka s vlastnou potlačou 6
  • Multifunkčná šatka s vlastnou potlačou
  • cravat with logo imprint
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Category: Advertising scarves, gloves, ties, Textile tailored, production, Gifts for children, games, Tourism, travel, Summer - summer promotional items, Creative promotional gifts, custom made, WC in ice hockey 2023, FIGHT AGAINST Corona virus, Protective advertising aids

Multifunctional advertising scarf / bandana / neckerchief with its own logo or image print all over the surface. Suppresses previews on pictures. The advantage is that you can suppress any challenging motif you want. Material 100% polyester 140g, size: 250 * 500 mm, possibility of surcharge for antibaterial treatment with silver.

You can use the advertising scarf in several ways: as a head covering, for the neck, for the face, for the hair headband, for the hair band, for the wrist. You can find the ideas in the pictures.

The advantage is a low minimum consumption at a good price. Packing in a transparent bag, for an extra charge packing in a roll with a paper label (sample in the picture)

Minimun amount: 100 pcs
Delivery: 12-14 days
Price: On request
Pieces: pcs
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